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Tucan 3.5" Naked BMMSC Edition frame


Designed for the naked BMMSC 4K G2.

You will get around 4min of flight time with an 1300mAh 6S battery and Laowa 7.5mm lens.


Kit includes:

- Top plate 

- Bottom plate 

- Camera plates 

- Blackmagic Camera adjuster

- Stand-offs

- All screws you need for assembly


Recommendet Setup:

- Motor 2205 KV:2300

- DJI Vista or DJI O3

- T-Motor MINI F45A+ MINI F7

- TBS Crossfire

- Battery 6S 1300mAh 

- 3.5" Gemfan D90 3-blade prop

Tucan 3.5" naked BMMS Edition

Artikelnummer: 18035353
145,00 €Preis
Delivery end of May
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